Your Vehicle is in Good Hands

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Stay Safe

Our Battery Test services are what set us apart from other mechanics. Making your vehicle work harder than it needs to will shorten its life. Drop it off with the pros at Turbo Speed today. We know what to do.


The Classic

Turbo Speed has the Alignment experience to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. We offer the highest quality customer service and will treat your automobile as if it were our own. Roll off the lot with your vehicle feeling brand new. You’ll be amazed by the difference our Alignment services will make.


Your turbocharger is in Good Hands


We have been supporting garages, engine reconditioners and many re-sellers for over ten years in the field of turbochargers and diesel fuel system in the UK and worldwide.

Our highly skilled engineers can help diagnose problems with turbochargers and actuators and undertake turbocharger servicing and repairs. We supply complete remanufactured and brand-new turbocharger units and electronic actuators off the shelf or remanufacture customers units. All reconditioned units come with balancing and flow test reports.

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